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Hi there! Welcome to the About page where I talk about myself....

I am a human being and multimedia designer, born and living in Vancouver, British Columbia. I live with my fellow artist partner Cristina and our two cats, Kitty and Beam-Beam.

From a young age I wanted to be an artist but that dream career always seemed out of reach. After 10 years of working in various trades I had enough! Realizing I was miserable I quit my job and moved my little family into a school bus to focus on building an income out of our art passions. Cristina and I  toured around British Columbia for two years and then sold the bus and moved back to Vancouver. 

We now live downtown in the West End and enjoy long photo walks around the city and on rainy days we snuggle up with the cats and watch Fringe!

I have studied audio and visual arts for 15 years and in the past year began to study programming languages, web development and computer architecture.

I am fluent in all Adobe programs and most audio workstations.

I work on both Windows and Linux operating systems and am constantly learning about computers and technology. I am more of an artist than programmer but I felt it was important to have a strong grasp of both art and tech. 

Learning is a constant process and I hope to continue my development in collaboration with other artists. I try to stay up to date with the latest trends in design and add my own flair to whatever I am seeing. 

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